SIP Trunks

Business Grade IP Phone Lines and Great Value Calls that SAVE you money

  • Suitable for Medium Businesses with an IP PBX
  • Cheaper Calls, Connection Fees and Line Costs
  • FREE Calls between Offices
  • Excellent Call Quality over a Private Network,
    NOT the Public Internet
  • Modern Alternative to ISDN Channels
  • Available in 2 line multiples (2,4,6,8,10 etc)
  • Direct Indial Number Range in Batches of 10
  • Get as many SIP Trunks (lines) as your Broadband Connection can handle
  • No long term contracts

Huge savings on call costs

With FREE calls between offices and flat rate local and national calls, staff can talk for as long as they like without you feeling the pinch.

Excellent flexibility for business cycles

Business rarely remains the same, from time to time your business may need extra resources. With SIP Trunks you can easily increase or decrease your lines as and when you need. Best of all they are simple to order and install, with more flexibility than traditional as you need services.

Combine with your current PBX or SIP Gateway

Our SIP Trunks work with a wide variety of SIP enabled PBXs and Gateways - good news if you have already invested in a system. Down the track, if you want to upgrade to a fully hosted solution we can help you with a seamless and simple upgrade.

Calls carried over dedicated ADSL/SHDSL Broadband

The IP in SIP refers to Internet Protocol, but there's IP and there's IP. Today's largest companies carry their voice calls over IP, but via a private network not the public internet. That means call quality can be guaranteed and backed up with Service Level Agreements.

Choose Your Plan

DID Range
Calls to
Calls to
1300 Numbers
$9 per trunk $5
per 10 numbers
$55 FREE 11c per call 11c per call 22c per min 33c per call

All prices quoted above Inc GST.
$55 Business Hours porting * per porting authority form

Critical information Summary

Things You Should Know

  1. In order to access the Service, you will need a dedicated fixed line broadband Internet connection, such as ADSL 2+ you will also need an IP Phone and may need extra hardware depending on your set up e.g. router and switches.
  2. We recommend that the Service be accessed with hardware supplied or approved by us, using a broadband ADSL2+ or SHDSL service supplied by us to our specifications. The Service is designed to allow users to bring their own device, but we do not offer any guarantee or assurance that all devices will be compatible and function with the Service.
  3. The broadband speed required for the Service will depend largely on your network demands. Data transmission demands on your network may cause the bandwidth available for voice transmission to be limited if voice and data share the same connection.
  4. Extra charges will be incurred for freight for any hardware.
  5. Minimum 10 DID numbers purchased in blocks of 10.
  6. Porting is charged per end user site.
  7. International Calls are allowed by default, if you require this feature to be blocked you will need to contact us.