Mobile 3G Plans

Pay As You Go Mobile 3G Plans

  • Australia’s Most reliable Network
  • Ideal for low usage users

Pay As You Go

You just need to pay a minimum spend to enjoy all the benefits of this network plus receive great rates when you make calls within our network.

Data Bolt-Ons available

Enough included data that you don’t need to worry about picking up your emails or checking the internet while you’re out & about.

No Contracts

Enjoy complete flexibility with our 3G mobile plans and never have to worry about early exit fees or cancellation fees

Mobile Rates

Plan Minimum Spend Call - Same Network Call - Other Network Call of a 2 min call National Calls SMS
Mobile 3G Plan $12 22c 22c 44c 22c 22c

Data Bolt-On Packs

Data Plan Monthly Access Included Data Cost/MB Excess Data
150MB $5 3c $0.40
500MB $6.50 1c $0.40
800MB $9.00 1c $0.35
1.5GB $18.00 1c $0.35
3GB $33.00 1c $0.22

All prices quoted above Inc GST.
*Billed in 60 second increments
*Billed in 30 second increments

Critical information Summary

Things You Should Know

  1. Minimum monthly spend is applicable to all Mobile 3G services of $12
  2. Monthly Charges and Data Allowance will be calculated on a pro-rata basis where a service is connected for part of a billing month
  3. Data usage will be counted in kilobytes, where 1024kb = 1 Megabytes (MB) and includes both uploads and downloads. 1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1000 Megabytes (MB). Any unused data allowance cannot be rolled over. Data allowance does not include services such as Voice calls, Voice Mail, International SMS, premium and Third Party SMS, MMS, Third Party content and applications, International MMS, 1300, 19xx numbers and iPhone Tethering. If you are able to access such services, your use of such services will be charged at prevailing rates.
  4. Excess data rate on the 150MB and 500MB $0.40 per MB on the 800MB and 1.5GB plans at $0.35 and on the 3GB at $0.22 billed in Kilobyte increments.
  5. When overseas, International Data Roaming usage charges apply as extra. Roaming charges for mobile data when international roaming (anywhere outside Australia) will be charged as per that international carrier rate. We recommend you use WIFI for data access when travelling overseas. Some data cards are incompatible with networks in some countries.
  6. These Data Pack bolt on plans cannot be used in conjunction with any mobile rate plans that have included data allowances. This includes Blackberry plans or Rate Plans with data allowance inclusion. Data Pack provisioning on these plans will replace the included data allowance with full charges applied
  7. Mobile Fair Use Policy applies